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Service Descriptions

Angel to Exit offers for free and for fee services for companies seeking assistance. This is done almost entirely live online remote. So no travel, no wasted time and money, less harm to the environment, and no catching colds or the flu along the way. This current includes the following services:

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  • Free content: This is available through our Web site, which you are now on. It includes free videos, articles, and other related content. Please enjoy and share with others (by pointing them to the Web site).

  • Goto Angel: This is our "pitch" session which helps companies learn more about what potential investors might think, gets them connected to potential angel/advisors, provides metrics on where they are in the scheme of things, and starts them in their growth process with A2E.

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  • Investor Preparation Workshops: These are run for short periods (a few months) with a mentor working with your CEO to help develop the company further before presenting or after presentation before forming an advisory board. They use our tools, get one-on-one advisor time once a week, and get access to additional video content and tools to support specific needs.

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  • Advisory boards: These provide groups of experts in advisory positions to help grow companies. They operate at all stages, and typically work for equity and (partially) deferred compensation for early stage companies who cannot afford normal fees without harming their cash flows. We only get paid as/if you succeed.

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  • Investor support: This service supports investors seeking to identify companies for their portfolio, gain metrics, perform due diligence, and support surveillance and management of their portfolios companies.

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  • Corporate programs: This service helps corporate innovation programs identify candidate companies to work with and invest in, support due diligence and portfolio management, help grow those companies and integrate them with the corporations, and support measurement of individual companies and the corporate portfolio.

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Services Tools People

Supporting tools and content

Supporting these programs we have a variety of technology, content, methodologies, and processes. The tools and content include:

  • GWiz™: This is our Governance Wizards metrics program that supports measuring companies both initially and over time to reflect progress. It supports investors making decisions about initial and ongoing tranches, identifies milestones for progress over time to support ongoing funding, and provides a basis for comparison across and within companies, divisions, and investment areas.

  • CashFlow: This is our business cash flow simulator. It provides simulation-based analysis and graphical output of projections of future performance across variations of parameters. In addition to identifying how much funds will be needed when, it takes account of the envelope of future performance, which tightens over time as companies gain more experience and allows for larger entities to project the effects of multiple investments on cash needs and return times.

  • Gigs: This system helps track work with clients. Each portfolio company has its own set of activities that are projected forward in time and tracked to assure we meet time frames and don't forget anything we are working on. It also produces a record of interactions and progress over time for historical review and allows our advisors and clients to more efficiently recall the particulars they need for each meeting.

  • JDM: This is our tool for working through due diligence issues. It manages scores of different issues, providing structured mechanisms for providing current state and projected future details, helps to identify and quantify risks and rewards, and provides a framework for presenting information to investors and investor review of details on companies.

  • Others: We have other tools used to help make better decisions, analyze special situations for plans of action, mature companies, track progress, and act as interim tools for companies which have not yet developed internal processes and tools to support repeatability, documentation, and management of their processes. These are applied as/if needed on a case-by-case basis to help portfolio companies and other clients.

Services Tools People

Some examples of our angel/advisors

Core to our programs are the people we work with. We currently work with our 50+ angel/advisors. We cannot provide details of all of our angel/advisors here, but a sense of their resumes will help clarify the team we bring to bear to help grow companies. Here are some highlights:

  • Advisor 1: [CEO / Investment banker]

    • Built the dominant leveraged finance business and premier financial sponsor practice in Asia.

    • Delivered 27%+ compound returns for investors.

    • Improved performance and diversification of $55M securities portfolio, including first private equity and hedge fund asset allocations.

    • Delivered 7 consecutive years of positive EBITDA, 75% revenue growth, 30% increase in shareholder cash distributions, and 18% increase in net worth.

  • Advisor 2: [Early stage marketing]

    • Led marketing and branding for companies with more than $1B in combined exists.

    • Re-branded and grew a facilities company by 10X in 5 years ($20M-$200M).

    • Developed a hardware manufacturer from $0 to over $10M annual sales.

    • Re-branded a medium company into a company acquired for $700M+.

  • Advisor 3: [CEO / Tech Sales]

    • Achieved record growth in reaching $1B in revenue in the first 4 years of operation.

    • Led company to $10B+ acquisition by Fortune 500 company.

    • Built gray-market-free channel partnership to China for Fortune electronics firm.

  • Advisor 4: [Finance / Greentech]

    • Closed transactions totaling over $1 billion, including private equity, IPOs, corporate debt, project financings, real estate and asset backed loans.

    • Directed strategic planning, financial forecasting, and investment analysis for several $100M+ companies.

    • Planned and implemented management buyout, including leverage, raising $20 million in equity and $41 million in debt, and a global investor base.

  • Advisor 5: [CEO / BusDev]

    • Grew a startup from 8 to 250 employees in less than 6 months, exited to IPO buyer.

    • Chapter President of Keiretsu Forum, the most active private equity group in the world with 3000+ members in 53 chapters on 4 continents.

    • Developed technologies used by 80%+ of the computers in the world by the 1990s.

This is just a sampling. We combine subject matter experts with strong experienced leaders in different fields to fill the gaps and advise companies to help grow them.