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Upcoming Global Investment Opportunities

Upcoming events:
Aug 26: Goto Angel Intimate 2 hour session; present and discuss with advisor/investors, enter the A2E Ecosystem
Sep 21-24: Global Investment Summit 40 presenting companies, 50+ investors/day, 4 short courses
You should present! Companies seeking startup, funding, growth, or exit assistance.
Outstanding investors: Investors: Angel, VCs, Family Offices, Corporate VCs, and Private Equity - from 5 Continents

Present August 26th

AGENDA for August 26 Goto Angel (All times US Pacific)

0900 - 0905Welcome and Introductions
0905 - 0930Presenting Companies Pitch + Q&A
0930 - 0935Featured Investor
0935 - 1000Presenting Companies Pitch + Q&A
1000 - 1005Featured Investor
1005 - 1030Presenting Companies Pitch + Q&A
1030 - 1055Ask the Investors
1055 - 1100Following Up
Pre-presentation preparation:
  • Record your presentation
  • Complete your Business Growth Metrics
  • Get 15 minutes of one-on-one mentoring
Present to Featured Advisor/Investors:
  • 8 minute presentation with slides (as pre-recorded)
  • Live Q&A with featured investors/advisors
  • Business Growth Metrics™ reviewed during Q&A
After the presentations:
  • Ask the Investors: Companies flip the script by asking us the questions
  • In the directory: Placement in our directory along with your Business Growth Metrics
  • In the quarterly update Listing in our quarterly update of presenting companies
  • Follow-up Calls: Schedule follow-up calls to discuss ecosystem opportunities
  • FIRSt Impression™: Get a FIRSt Impression™ analysis of your presentation.
  • Quarterly Update Listing: Get listed in our quarterly update

Global Investment Summit - September 21-24

Present in the Life Sciences Track

Present in the Early Stage Track

Present in the Deep Tech Track

Present at the Sustainability and Social Impact Track

Short Course Details and Signup!

AGENDA (tentative) for ALL Sessions (All times US Pacific)

Times September 21 September 22 September 23 September 24
0800 - 0805 Understanding the Deal:
Deal Terms and Valuations

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Opening Remarks by Event Hosts:
Fred Cohen - Founder of Angel to Exit / KC - Founder of Pitch Global
Due Diligence:
The easy way

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0805 - 0810 Remarks by Sponsors
0810 - 0830 Fireside Chat: "Interview with a Leading VC" - (moderated by TBD) Angel Investor Panel: "What do we look for in startups?" - (moderated by TBD)
0830 - 0910 Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) Panel: "Life Sciences Focus" - (moderated by TBD)
0910 - 1130 Life Sciences
Pitch Event to Investors
6 minute Pitch w/ slides, 2min Q&A
Featured Investors + Ask the Investors
Early Stage Companies
Pitch Event to Investors
6 minute Pitch w/ slides, 2min Q&A
Featured Investors + Ask the Investors
1130 - 1230 Coming to Terms:
Investor-Friendly Financials

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Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) Panel: "Deep Tech" - (moderated by TBD) Social Impact (Clean Tech, Ed Tech, Impact) Investor Panel: (Moderated by TBD) The Perfect Pitch?
Or better?
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1230 - 1530Deep Tech (AI, IoT, SaaS, FinTech)
Pitch Event to Investors
6 minute Pitch w/ slides, 2min Q&A
Featured Investors + Ask the Investors
Sustainability and Social Impact
Pitch Event to Investors
6 minute Pitch w/ slides, 2min Q&A
Featured Investors + Ask the Investors
1530 - 1535Closing Remarks by the Event Hosts:
Fred Cohen - Angel to Exit / KC - Pitch Global
Agenda for September 22 and 23

What to expect

At Go To Angel / Pitch Global live online remote meetings you present to a "roomfull of investors" including angel investment groups, venture capital firms, private equity groups, corporate innovation groups, and others. You get:

  • A unique opportunity for Innovative Companies to learn from leading investors and innovators in the space.
    • Pitch to them AND Ask them questions.
    • Hear how they think and what they are interested in.
  • Featured investor ask drill-down questions in their vertical areas.
  • Presenters get to flip the script during "ask the investors" (we expect ~50 investors to participate).
  • Total attendees are limited to 100 per session to keep the experience intimate and help make real connections.
  • Exclusive one-on-one mentoring from an investor as part of the summit.
  • 2-Pages featured in the "Silicon Valley Global Investment Summit Directory".
  • Business Growth Metrics™ on company performance and investment capacity.
  • Follow-on opportunities for funding and growth assistance.


Goto Angel - August 18th

Global Investment Summit - Sep 22-23