Go To Angel - Live Online Remote Pitch Sessions

Go To Angel is a for fee service for companies seeking startup, funding, growth, and/or exit assistance.

Live Online Remote Pitches

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Go To Angel consists of confidential small (typically <15 people) live online remote meetings between CEOs and angel/advisors in which:

  • An introductory video is played.
  • Each startup pitches.
    • A 5 minute pre-recorded pitch is played.
    • Q&A Angel/advisors ask questions and startups answer them.
    • Angel/advisors rate companies on ~24 investment criteria used by investors.
  • After the presentations, startups Ask the Angels questions.
  • Future collaboration opportunities are provided based on ratings.


Presenting companies get:

  • Ratings on ~24 criteria used by investors and exit partners to make decisions.

  • Written comments on your presentation and answers by the angel/advisors.

  • Follow-on opportunities to move forward together.

  • Videos and ratings made available to additional angel/advisor/venture/other supporting entities.

To present in our upcoming sessions, select the link below, fill out the form, and submit your application.

Apply to Present
The Application is Free

After applications are processed, additional details will be provided to support and optimize your participation. Fees (currently $200) will be charged only if accepted.

In 2017, only about 1 in 13 applicants ended up presenting. Most of them didn't get past the application phase because they failed to review, understand, and act on the free information provided on this Web site. Please review this information and take it to heart BEFORE applying.

We are not investment counselors, lawyers, or accountants.
Our information program does NOT provide legal advice, accounting advice, or investment advice regarding any specific investment opportunity or circumstance.
We are angel investors and business advisors with experience in angel investing, business advice for startups and operating companies, and related matters.