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What you do and what you get

Accelerator Specifics (email for more details):

  • Monthly listing sent to thousands of investors via email and LinkedIn
  • Access to short courses detailing how to grow your company, gain investment, and accelerate your sales
  • GWiz™ Growth Wizard access to describe your company to investors and measure your acceleration.
  • Practice pitches and pitch evaluations and improvements.
  • Apps access provides access to select applications for analysis and growth hacking.
  • JDM™ DD Descriptive to provide a due diligence report and drill-down into company data room
  • Monthly free advisory call
  • Monthly CEOs forum
  • Radio appearances
  • 1-on-1 meetings with advisors/investors.

    The hyper accelerator grows in services and access as you continue to make progress through the process.

  • Initially, you will be asked to complete and make corrections and additions to your GWiz™ until you get to the point where it is ready to present to investors. This includes access to video support, advice on key components, metrics, and Decider access. Once you complete this process you will be eligible for a radio show appearance.
  • Next you will be given access to some of our Apps packages to support the development of sale sieves, marketing material, and other similar unique capabilities. As you complete versions of these apps you will be presented to investors in listings, ultimately gain access to JDM for creating your due diligence package, and be given access to additional video content to support your due diligence process.
  • Once you complete your due diligence package, you will be given access to our short course on how to sell to investors and become eligible for quarterly pitch events, investor meetings, and other interactions with investors and access to our CEOs forum.
  • A certificate of completion will be issued after you complete the program and you will become eligible for funding within our direct funding ecosystem.

A Systematic Comprehensive Approach
To Grow Your Company 

• Our recurring process:
Where are you now? Where are you going? Next best steps Let's look again!
Metrics and analysis Strategic decisions Future projections Progress reviews

Our ecosystem includes
21,000+ Investors, Advisors, and Executives
who we engage with at least monthly.

• Brings unique resources to bear:
Tools Techniques Expertise Connections
Unique analytics Systematic processes Outstanding people Well placed events
We look in depth at critical areas:
Governance and Management Marketing and Sales Fulfillment and Execution
IP and Special Sauce Financial Situation and Path Legal and Regulatory Issues
• In our phased approach:
Phase 1: Metrics and first steps An initial overview of the company using a brief descriptive and metrics is used to identify the current situation, understand the structural issues and maturity of the company, and find next best steps to get started.
Phase 2: Drill-down Review and update governance and management, marketing and sales, fulfillment and execution, intellectual property and special sauce, financial situation and path, and legal and regulatory issues.
Deep dives into specifics, planning, measurement, internal processes, time frames, and the enterprise brain, and development of a well-defined company control system. Phase 3: Deep-dive and adapt
Increase maturity from initial to repeatable to defined to managed and continue to find and improve weak points while identifying and pursuing new paths for growth within the confines of the company guardrails. Phase 4: Mature and grow

 We work at all stages of growth:
Startup - Emerging - Growth - Market Leading
From Angel to Exit 

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