Quarterly Community Summit

Upcoming Quarterly Community Summit - November 15, 2022

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November 15 - Quarterly Community Summit

You should present! Companies: Seeking startup, funding, emergence, growth, or exit assistance.
You should present! Providers: Supporting services for investors and companies.
You should present! Funders: Loans, Notes, Equity, Grants, and other sources of funding.
You should attend: Members: Any other members who want to listen in on the event.

The 6th largest incubator/accelerator in the San Francisco / Silicon Valley / Bay Area region.


Our quarterly summit events include:

  • Quick introductory "Got-Give-Get" presentations for each participant
  • More extensive content by presenting members and panel participants
  • Break-out rooms for small group interactions.

What to expect:

Got-Give-Get Active participants get a play of their 1-minute pre-recorded "Got Give Get":
  • Got: Describe something you have of value to the community (e.g., Hi, I am Fred Cohen of Angel to Exit, where we help grow companies).
  • Give: Describe something you give to the community (e.g., We provide free monthly articles and videos online at a2e.co).
  • Get: Describe what you are seeking from the community: (e.g., We would love to have you participate in our quarterly summit).
This is where everyone becomes aware of who you are and what you do, and you take notes on others you would like to meet in the breakout rooms later in the event.
Presentations Presenting members get a time slot of from 5 to 10 minutes where we first play a pre-recorded presentation video, then have live interactions while presenting their GWiz™ results.
  • Executives: Typically, executives use these slots to present their company for investment, growth, customers, partners, and synergies. It is often used in a funding round to attract investor interest.
  • Funding sources: This usually includes angel groups, venture capital groups, family offices, corporate venture capital, private equity, and crowd funding platforms. They often present to let the community know what they provide, what they are interested in, and detailed requirements for funding through their entity or approach.
  • Service entities: This provides opportunities for service entities, including the entities within the A2E ecosystem and member entities to describe the services they offer to members, including special members only discounts and opportunities.
Panels Panel participants discuss topics and opportunities for presenters and other ecosystem members and discuss topics of the day in an engaging group process.
  • Executives: Panel participants discuss the challenges and progress they are making and how they have used synergistic advantages of the community for mutual benefit.
  • Funding sources: Panel participants discuss details about different funding sources, what they provide, what they look for, and how it works.
  • Service entities: Service entities discuss how their services can help community members prosper and why they are valuable resources.
Break-outs Members get together to discuss various topics and get better acquainted.
  • Sponsors: Provide a break-out room on your opportunity or special topic during the main event and before the final close-out.
  • Members: Get together in break-out rooms to learn about opportunities, discuss things of mutual interest, and get to know each other better.
This is where you can get better acquainted, learn from each other, find ways to work together.

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