Startup Boot Camp

A2E's Startup Boot Camp provides a live online remote 8-week Business Assistance Program to help early stage entrepreneurs develop a path to accelerated investment and/or growth.

What the Startup Boot Camp service provides:

Startup Boot Camp provides a rapid path to accelerate growth and investment. Specifically:

  • You go through an 8-week intensive business development process with a group

    • You go through the process as a group

    • The maximum cadre size is 12 companies

    • You work on your business but gain from exchanges with the whole group

  • You meet live online remote with mentor(s) for one hour per week

    • We review the last week of effort and give and get feedback

    • Your mentor goes over key issues and answers questions / provides resources

    • You discuss what you will do next and how to go about it

    • We usually meet at 7AM Pacific time to accommodate global time zones

  • You use our proprietary A2E tools and templates for development and planning:

    • You develop and document an initial version of internal diligence

    • You develop an executive summary of the investment opportunity

    • You develop presentation slides an practice/perfect your pitch

    • You build an initial “deal room” for investors moving toward investment

    • You create an initial investment instrument and proposed valuation

    • You build the process for selling to investors

To join one of our upcoming Startup Boot Camp sessions, select the link below, fill out the form, and submit your application.

Apply to the Startup Boot Camp

After applications are processed, additional details will be provided to support and optimize your participation. Fees ($1,000) will be charged only if accepted.

Email for more details on our Startup Boot Camp.