The Business Risks of AI

First off, I should explain what "risk" means because so many folks misunderstand it as a bad thing:

Risk := Uncertainty about the future

Clearly, today Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a great deal of uncertainty with regard to the future of many companies. What is the nature of that uncertainty? Here's a good starter taken from one limited perspective:

It is important to note that this is all about perceptions. None of these things are necessarily (most are not) true. But according to the influence machines of the media, "perception is reality" [Lee Atwater].

Why now?

There is one particular reason that these risks are higher now than they were a year ago. That is the extreme change in focus of attention brought about by the publicity surrounding ChatGPT.

To be clear, the technology is not the best or much different from others in the space. But the time has come to pay attention because for those not already looking, there is an astounding difference between the previous interactions (e.g., Google outward facing products) and the new interactions associated with conversational AI.

Let me reiterate this in a different way. The change has been coming, but it has been incremental in the field while being largely ignored outside the field. Now, all of a sudden, the public relations campaign has created viral expansion of attention focused around an initial free example backed by $10B or so from Microsoft, leading to a refocus of attention.

A tool is a tool

So many folks I hear fear the new tool of conversational AI. But when I was a student in engineering school, the teachers didn't let us use calculators on tests. Their fear of the future drove them to believe it was important for us to do it all by hand, using only the tools like paper and pencil. But while I still know how to do hand calculations, I almost never do them. And I use computers to do my writing, not pencil and paper.

Conversational AI is here to stay. Perhaps it will move out of the written word into purely spoken and pictorial interactions. Instant video explainers. That would be great. It would save time and money and free us up to form more ideas for the AI to crunch on and tell it how to alter its behaviors to suit the particulars of each potential customer.

There is a Chinese saying/proverb/curse...

Isn't there always? How about this one: "May you live in interesting times".

A call to action

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In summary

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