Where did all the funding go... Long time passing

Funding for pre-revenue startups has dried up to a large extent this holiday season. And for good reasons. Here they are, at least the top 5:

But why does that slow investment in startups?

Because despite the long-term good average returns, when things go bad you may need liquidity, and these sorts of investments are not liquid in any sense of the word, not even over the period of a few years. I am betting on your company to generate money for me in 2030 or so, and I may need the case next year. So I will keep it in something that guarantees a return and lets me get out.

So what can we do about it?

Sell your way out of it. That's always the best solution. Investment is fine, but revenue is better. Way better. We invited our membership (15,000 or so of them) for a free discussion on how to sell your way out of it. Not one of them took us up on the offer. To me this indicates one of two things:

In either case, it is a bad sign that entrepreneurs are giving up on even collaborating to try to succeed.

A call to action

We help grow companies. But we cannot help if you do not ask for help. Here's how you ask:

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In summary

Get off your back sides and start selling. Nobody will save you if you don't act to save yourself.

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