The first 3 things out of your mouth

I will start with the answer and an example:

Here's an example:


I have seen way too many presentations that start different ways, and with rare exceptions, they flop. The reason is simple. When opening a conversation, whoever is listening to you needs to be able to get enough of a level set to understand who you are and why you are speaking to them.

There is another reason to use this at the beginning of a pitch or a meeting. It shows clarity of thought and the ability to express yourself clearly and concisely. These are important impressions for potential investors, customers, and collaborators to get in order to build trust in you and your company.

There is yet another reason to use this in a pitch. The goal of a pitch it so open a sale to investors or customers. You don't want to waste their time or yours. By opening this way, you let them either decide they are interested or decide they are not in the shortest possible time. The advantage to you is that if they are not interested, they will fall asleep and you won't have to waste time on them.

Then there is the approach to sales of the Wolf of Wall street. Jordan Belfort insists that there are three things you need to close a sale. The customer needs to (1) trust you, (2) trust the company, and (3) think it's a good idea. By starting with your name, name of the company, and what you do, you start them down the road of trusting you and the company, and if they think what you said is something they want, you have a trifecta.

And finally, you cannot make a second first impression. What is your best first impression?

The next thing out of your mouth

There is some debate here. But to be clear, the first three things should take about 5 seconds. That leaves you another 5 seconds to get their attention, or you lose. Here's an example of different approaches:

They all have at least one thing in common. They assert customers, benefits, and facts.

The trick is to get these three into few enough words, with high impact, and out of your mouth clearly understandable in about 5 seconds.

A call to action

There's obviously a lot more to know about how to introduce your company to different audiences. The best first step to learn about that, is to ...

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In summary

It's not just a pitch. It's who you are and what you do for them, presented clearly and concisely.

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