Selling to investors - Investor Push

There are three types of sales in the lifecycle of most companies:

They are all sales processes, and have many things in common. The big differences are:

Skipping the details...

Details of the generic sales process and components aside, there are some specific challenges in selling investments to investors. Here is a preliminary list to get you thinking:

In short, it is a very inefficient market with inadequate support for the company seeking investment.

What about the platforms?

There are many platforms out there for connecting with investors. And they provide some level of service in that regard. Unfortunately, those platforms are also a very inefficient, but likely helpful and necessary part of your marketing effort for investment.

The trick with platforms is figuring out what to put there and how to use it to create connections. They do not allow you to target individual investors well, and more importantly, you have to be generic and cannot customize to the investor target (or even audience in many cases).

Also please note that each one (including ours) has it's own way of dividing up the dimensions of investor interest and investment.

Dimensions of investor interest and investment?

Yes, that's right. There are multiple dimensions at play.

So how do you go about it?

Selling to investors is a strategic and tactical marketing and sales effort. It involves all of the aspects of marketing and sales to customers, but requires a different focus of attention and communications approach to be successful. It involves a different knowledge base, different approach to customers, different tool usage, different processes, and so forth. The process and elements are more deeply described in the description of our service:

Investor Push - Selling to Investors

A call to action

If you want to start the push to get investors, we can accelerate the process. But the first step is to...

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When you complete this process we will have the information we need to help start you down the path toward more investments of the right sort faster.

In summary

Selling shoes your customer base is in the billions and they want to but shoes several times a year. Selling investments in your company, your customer base is less than 100 people who are trying to avoid you. A different approach is called for.

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