The Simple Approach to Closing Sales

***WARNING*** I am not a sales guru. And I don't play one on TV.

On the other hand, I am still here. And having started working for pay in the early 1970s, once living in my car, and now living in a newly built home in Pebble Beach, CA; I can say that the vast majority of my income over the years has been the result of my selling things.

I have had to sell complex things, that people don't really want but ultimately are forced to have, in a complex and highly competitive sales environment, with no funding behind the sales efforts, and not using the skills and artistry of many wonderful artists and experts in presentation and delivery.

I didn't do it because I liked it!

I did it because I had to, and I learned along the way by doing it stupidly my own way at times, trying to learn from others, and adapting other approaches and sources of knowledge to my ends.

So here is my conclusion after all of these years of effort with scattered failures and successes.

Closing sales is simple

In trying to close a sale, there are really only 4 things a customer can say in response to your proposition:

Once I figured out that these are all the things that could really happen, I got much better at closing sales, and much much better at not wasting their time or mine when they are not interested.

Not so simple?

Remember, I am talking about sales. Not marketing, not finding people to sell to or getting them to the point where you are able to interact directly with them, but the actual closing of the sale.

Did I mention the preconditions?

Of course not. How good would I be at sales if I warned you off before you bought into my sale. This method (not much of a method actually) only works if you can take "No" for an answer and they can in fact say "Yes". In other words:

Of course that's the marketing problem.

A call to action

You are the decision-maker, and only one of my many opportunities to close a sale here and now.

We offer FREE resources! .. that's the "More Information" part - in case you aren't yet ready to say "Yes".

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In case you missed it - that was the "Yes" answer (provided with more information and a selection of what).

In summary

Closing sales is simple. Of course getting to the point of sale may be more complicated. But that's marketing!

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