How NOT to run a Zoom (or other online) meeting

I have been using zoom to run live online remote pitch sessions for more than 5 years. And lately, lots of other similar meetings have gone online from lots of other folks. Here are my suggestions to those of you who do this:

But security!!!

Yeah... sure... I am a bloody world class expert in security and the question that most security professionals never get right is "What is the purpose of the meeting?".

"Security" is about assuring utility. The technology is used to address a business need. Things that make the technology less useful are averse to security. Stop it!

But people will just do what they want and it will be out of control

In person the same thing is true. Indeed, the big problem is not that people will behave badly. It's that you will lose them if they cannot participate. Engagement is generally the purpose of meetings (or it should be).

Think of a physical meeting where you tape closed the mouths of the attendees and put on blinders so they can only see the stage. You give them a pen and paper so they can hand in written comments and questions. How many will be at the next meeting if they don't have to be?

The novelty will wear off, and then you will be fully disengaged.

The solution is to make the forum engaging. Humor. Joy. Short presentations. Rapid feedback. A good host and showrunner. Surprises. and make it FUN!

A call to action

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Have fun and stay engaged!

In summary

Stop trying to control people and try engaging them. Consider the physical analogy.

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