I'm not dragging you through a sale!

I do a lot of technical stuff to try to analyze companies, approaches, etc. We help build sales sieves and strategies, and we have folks who know how to do lots of those things to generate more sales. But one of the things we often missed (before I wrote this article) was a real fundamental.

We want customers who are enthusiastic about buying from us

When they are enthusiastic, the sales process is easy. They want what you have and they just need to figure out how to get it.

How exactly do I make them enthusiastic?

Danger Will Robinson!!!

If you have to "make them" anything you are already running against the wind (and perhaps spitting into it).

It seems to me that the better approach is to figure out where they are already going and help them get there.

How exactly do I figure out where they're going?

Oh... well you could do studies and statistics and look things up.

But then you are chasing them!

In other words, you are dragging you through the sale! Not exactly an improvement.

The marketplace of ideas

Somehow, the best/right way to do this is to find each other in the marketplace. While the old marketplaces (and still some of the existing) were (are) physical, today, the marketplace (of the Internet) is more a marketplace of ideas.

An approach which I have long embraced in the Internet environment is one of finding or forming communities and making your presence known. If you have a new way to make shoelaces and you are enthusiastic about it, you should be seeking people who are looking for what you have (new types of shoelaces or better ways to make them) and sharing your enthusiasm with them, learning who is enthusiastic about it among them, and ultimately finding ways to work together.

The size of that marketplace

Of course if your goal is to make a lot of money while doing what you love, then you better love something that a lot of people want. Maybe they didn't know they wanted your pet rock until you explained it to them. But they all knew they wanted the hula hoop as soon as they saw someone else try to use it. They laughed, the other person said "Yeah? Well you try it!", and it spread like a bad cold.

A call to action

But back to my topic.

We help grow companies!

If you want us to help you do this, if you are truly enthusiastic about getting and receiving help, embrace the help we can provide.

We offer FREE resources! Use them!!

Want to do a presentation and see if we can help you further?

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But I'm not going to try to drag you through the process.

In summary

So get on with it already!

Find your enthusiastic customers and help them find you.

Engage with them to succeed together!

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