Advisory Board Services

We help grow companies.

  • We share the risk.

    • We work for equity and (partially) deferred compensation.

    • We don't hurt your cash flow when you need it most.

    • You have a longer runway and more capacity to grow.

    • If you don't succeed, we don't get paid!

  • And we share the reward.

    • We want you to succeed and help you do so.

    • We help get you funded when that's what's needed.

    • We get you connected when you're ready for it.

    • We help resolve internal issues when they limit you.

We use systematic approaches to help define and refine businesses.

  • We have well-defined process and tools to help grow your company:

    • We start with an internal version of due diligence - internal diligence.

    • We help adapt the company to find better growth and profitability sooner.

    • We use proprietary tools and methods to keep the company moving forward.

    • We adapt the team to fill gaps you need filled as they change over time.

  • We introduce you to suitable partners

    • When ready, we introduce you to partners that can help accelerate your business and theirs.

    • We help control growth, to grow quickly without overextending.

    • We help you build brand and credibility by assisting with messaging and aliances.

    • We adapt to meet your needs as you grow with time.

Email for more details on our advisory services.