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A2E has a unique ecosystem to help grow companies. We provide a systematic comprehensive approach to company growth and profitability. As one of the largest accelerators in the largest startup region of the world, you can trust our outstanding global team, our thousands of global contacts, and our unique technologies to help you succeed.
A Path to Growth

If you truly want to grow your company, you need a lot of things; a good team, a good product or service, a good plan and the ability to adapt it, proper governance, outstanding marketing and sales, a well engineered financial plan, and a systematic approach to measuring and adapting it over time. We can help you get from here to there.

A Systematic Comprehensive Approach
To Grow Your Company 

• Our recurring process:
Where are you now? Where are you going? Next best steps Let's look again!
Metrics and analysis Strategic decisions Future projections Progress reviews

Our ecosystem includes
21,000+ Investors, Advisors, and Executives
who we engage with at least monthly.

• Brings unique resources to bear:
Tools Techniques Expertise Connections
Unique analytics Systematic processes Outstanding people Well placed events
We look in depth at critical areas:
Governance and Management Marketing and Sales Fulfillment and Execution
IP and Special Sauce Financial Situation and Path Legal and Regulatory Issues
• In our phased approach:
Phase 1: Metrics and first steps An initial overview of the company using a brief descriptive and metrics is used to identify the current situation, understand the structural issues and maturity of the company, and find next best steps to get started.
Phase 2: Drill-down Review and update governance and management, marketing and sales, fulfillment and execution, intellectual property and special sauce, financial situation and path, and legal and regulatory issues.
Deep dives into specifics, planning, measurement, internal processes, time frames, and the enterprise brain, and development of a well-defined company control system. Phase 3: Deep-dive and adapt
Increase maturity from initial to repeatable to defined to managed and continue to find and improve weak points while identifying and pursuing new paths for growth within the confines of the company guardrails. Phase 4: Mature and grow

 We work at all stages of growth:
Startup - Emerging - Growth - Market Leading
From Angel to Exit 

Commonalities: Our foci are interrelated in that they all involve high consequences, mass markets, and a need for strong attention to people, process, and technology. They require sound engineering and science, good management, well operated planning and execution, and strong financial engineering to be successful in the startup phase. They involve smart people working collaboratively and deliberatively over extended time frames, focused on their goals, and with the will to stick with it.

Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity has been a focus and interest of our principals since the 1970s. Today it emerges into a wide range of sub-areas that are interwoven and very important to individuals, enterprises, societies, and humanity. From technical safeguards, to process controls, to people and their behaviors, the field is emerging in ways never anticipated by most people. The areas of cognitive defense, trust architecture, critical infrastructure protection, global influence and counter-influence operations, and related areas are each critical to the success of the human endeavor and the survival of modern societies.

AI and OT: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reaching into all areas of our lives, but it is hardly new. AI has been applied in cybersecurity for both attack and defense since at least the mid-1990s, and emerging AI trends are growing even more important because of the huge volume of data, number of people, and consequences associated with cybernetic systems. And of course operational technology (OT) is foundational to much of the benefit and effect of automation, while increasingly AI is entering into and affected by the OT realm.

Medical Devices: One of the key areas where OT and AI merge is in the medical device space, where new mechanisms for preventing, treating, and otherwise dealing with human physical conditions, now involves more advanced operational technology, very often engages AI, has strict requirements for safety and efficacy, and of course this mandates an approach to cyber security as well.

Summary: Our general approach is to do the most good for the most people. And we believe that key areas of human endeavor today require that people of good will, expertise, and motivation work toward a better future together. As an investment opportunity, these fields involve many billions of dollars in each of many different areas, have strong long-term growth, and will likely sustain across dramatic changes in every aspect of geopolitical and natural situations. Doing well by doing good.